Saturday, June 7, 2008

Meeting of FTII graduates from Kerala

Myself, K.R.Mohanan, Kabeer Rawther & Muralidharan
IFFK 2007

During December 2007 while the International Film Festival of Kerala was taking place at Thiruvananthapuram my senior, C. Muralidharan ( Sound engineer (1970 Batch ) who is based in Mumbai sounded the idea of organizing a get together of FTII graduates during the Festival period. Kabeer Rawther and K.R.Mohanan ( Kerala Chalachitra Academy - Chairman) were also supported the idea. It so happens that many FTII graduates from many other states attend the Film Festival in large numbers. But there are no means of knowing either their presence nor there are enough opportunities to meet them. We were wondering whether to organize a get together in connection with the IFFK.

Recently, on the initiative from Leenus L.K. ( 1993 - Film Direction ) , Rasi ( Art Direction - 1999) and Fr. Benny Benedict (1994 Editing ) a meeting of FTII graduates from Kerala was convened on 27 th May at Thiruvananthapuram. About 25 FTII graduates attended ranging from the earliest to the recent ones, which included John Sankaramangalam, Adoor Gopalakrishnan( 1965), Kabeer Rawther, K.G.George, K.R. Mohananan, V.R. Gopinath, Sunny Joseph, Ajith Kumar, etc.

Since the First Video festival of Kerala was also happening at Thiruvananthapuram during our get together, we had the honour of having Ms Chandita Mukherjee and Mr.Ramani as our guests.

Mr.John Sankaramangalam dwelt at length regarding the First GAFTII association which was formed many years back at Pune. Ms.Chandita explained the details about the formation a new entity called Graftii Foundation at Mumbai.

Finally it was decided to form a core committee for establishing an Alumni association in Kerala and proceed with the required formalities.

I think it is a timely and welcome beginning of friendship and fellowship among the GraFtiians of Kerala!

Ramachandra Babu, Leenus, Fr.Benny & Rasi

(R to L ) Chandita with Sunny & Leenus

John Sankaramangalam, Sunny & K.G.George

Ramani, Jain Joseph, Leenus & Sunny

John Sankaramangalam addressing

the gathering

Myself, Leenus, Rasi, Sunny & Fr.Benny

V.R.Gopinath, K.G.George, Adoor & John

(R to L) Kabeer Rawther, Myself & John