Saturday, December 22, 2007

Portfolio making

Acting students were more friendly with us Cinematography students for the simple reason that most of our practical classes were with them only. Also they required our help in getting themselves photographed and making their portfolios. When they pass out from the Institute they showed these portfolios to Producers to catch their attention. Instead of going to Professional Photographers who charge huge amounts, they can get it done for pea nuts. Just buy some film and printing paper, and your friendly cinematography student will get the job done for you.

An interesting thing was I never owned a camera during my entire period at the Institute. I used to borrow the cameras from K.R. Muthy ( Yashica 635 - which can be used with 120 as well as 35 mm film) Prem Upadhyay ( Asahi Pentax with 135 mm Tele lens) and K.K. Jaiswal ( Kodak Retina Range Finder Camera with 55 mm lens) .

I had taken the Portfolios of Tshring P (Danny) Denzongpa and Anil Dhawan, but I do not have the negatives of Danny with me.

Anil Dhawan ( 1970)

Asha Chandra was working as Part time Instructor in Acting at that time and on her request I also took some photographs of her for her portfolio.

Asha Chandra

Bhaskar Chandavarkar was the Assistant Professor of Music and he used to give Sitar recital programmes too. For a brochure for Engineering College Past Students Association (EPSA) Poona,  he needed some photographs and I took some photos. I recopied them on sound positive film to make high contrast prints . which was used as the cover. Later on he did the Music Direction for K.G.George's Debut Malayalam Film SWAPNADANAM for which I did Cinematography. For the film SWAPNADANAM Chandavarkar got the Kerala State Award for Best Music Director (1975) and K.G.George for the Best film of 1975.

Bhaskar Chandavarkar

Cover Page  
Inside Page
Being a Malayalee, though she was my junior, I had taken the photos of Jameela Malik (1971) too. Later on she had acted as the main lead in my Malayalam Film RAGGING ( 1973)

Jameela Malik (1971)


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