Friday, December 21, 2007


Imagine putting four or five beautiful girls among a number of boys as in the case of the Film Institute. Every one will make a stampede to get their attention and chances are there that even fights might erupt among the rivals. But this dilemma was solved quite cleverly and easily by the girls joining the Institute and especially from the ones in the Acting course.

As soon as they joined the Institute they formed a “pair” with a male student, preferably from the same course. You can call the relationship as boy friend in terms of the present day usage. The boy took it as his duty to escort the girl to the hostel, take her to the canteen or to outside restaurants or just sit under the wisdom tree and talk endlessly. In general he won’t leave the girl alone not even for a moment so there won’t be a chance for anybody else. Even if it so happens that the girl is alone, no one will bother her as it is common knowledge that she has some one to care for her.
It so happened that one such “pair” modeled for our Still photography practical even though one of them belonged to the Second year acting course. Normally the first year acting students model for the stills. But this was an exception. Watch out carefully, you are in for a surprise!

Can you identify the persons? They are too far off

This one is Bhaskar Chaudhuri (1969 – Acting Batch)

and the other is ........ Jaya Bhaduri (1970 - Acting Batch)

Jaya Bhaduri and Bhaskar Chaudhuri
There was one more pair from our batch Rashmi Sharma and Ani Dhawan ( Acting - 1970) but sorry, I do not have any photograph with me! Their example of pairing was followed by girls students from other courses too!

More about Jaya Bhaduri can be found in Surendar Chawdhary's Blog.

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