Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year Celebrations 1969

On this New Year Day 2009, the Flash Back of the New Year Celebrations at the Film Institute runs through my mind once again as a fond memory!

It was really a night to remember- 40 years ago in the cool and misty atmosphere of Poona with all the singing and dancing in the auditorium - it was full of fun and joy.Though during my college days there were New Year Celebrations, it was a mild affair as being conducted under the strict supervision of Catholic Priests at the Madras Loyola college.

Amidst revellers boozed up with the local brew Tarra and other intoxicants I was with my friends abstaining from drinks and enjoying the fun taking place on the stage. Nearing Midnight the count down had started and at the count of Zero all lights were switched off and the arrival of the New year was welcomed with loud cheering. There was a big stampede towards the region where the girl students were standing ( they were only 4 or 5 and from Acting) but they were well protected by the Acting Boys who stood as bodyguards. Still a few managed to breakthrough the cordon and hugged and shook hands with some of the girls!

That was New Year Celebrations - Film Institute 1969

Wish You all A Very Happy and Peaceful 2009!

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G.S.VIJAYAN said...

babuatta,i read all .it was nice.touching rememberance,where r u now?did ugapurushan shoot over?very happy to see u in blog.