Monday, July 27, 2009


It seems to be my fate that I should continue to write about great departed souls one after another. Yet another death had happened - Bhaskar Chandavarkar Eminent music director and Sitarist Bhaskar Chandavarkar died on 26 July 2009.

In my Blog of 22, December 2007, I wrote about him.

While at the Institute during 1968-71 period I came in contact with his magnetic personality and handsome looks and friendly behaviour. The above photograph was taken by me for a brochure of his sitar performance.

Later on he had done the Music Direction of K.G.George's debut Malayalam Feature film SWAPNADANAM (1975) for which I was the cinematographer. Though he had composed music for some four songs, they were not used in the film. But he got the Kerala State Award for Best Background Music for his work.

It is unfortunate that I could not meet him afterward.

The strings of the Sitar are silent.
The player had gone away
To make Heavenly Music

May his soul Rest in Peace.

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