Monday, January 25, 2010

A friend invites after 42 years

I first met Kabeer Raothar in 1968 when I joined the Film Institute and he was senior to me by one year and was studying in the Second Year Film Direction Course. He immediately took over the role of a Godfather and had been a wellwisher and advisor.

After leaving the Institute while doing K.G.George's debut film SWAPNADANAM, we met again. By that time he had already directed a Hindi film called LUBNA and was based in Mumbai. Later on he had been to Kerala and had directed AMBALAKKARA PANCHAYAT and few other films.More than Twenty years back he had asked me to work in one of his films, but I could not find enough dates to accomodate his request. In the meantime after several unsuccessful attempts at film making, he is planning a come back Malayalam film titled INGANYUM ORAAL. This time well in advance, he had my dates committed and we have started the shooting of the film from 7 th January 2010 onwards at Thiruvananthapuram. The switch on ceremony was performed by Shri.S. Kumar of New Theatres and the clap board sounded by the Hon. Kerala Minister Divakaran. The cast consists of Sai Kumar, Vinu Mohan, Raghavan, Mamu Koya, Indrans, Sreekumar, Praveena, Sarayu, K.P.A.C.Lalitha , Janaki, Kulapally Leela etc

Switch on by Shri. S. Kumar

From (L-R) Myself, S.Kumar, Minister Divakaran, Praveena,
Kabeer Raotherand Producer Sainudeen

Myself with Kabeer

Kabeer giving instructions as leading man Vinu Mohan watches

Isn't it great, that 42 years after meeting Kabeer Raothar , I am working with him in a film !

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Praneeth said...

All d best for Kabeer sir